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Precision advertising & branding campaigns on the Internet

Who are We?
Bringing Tourist to Your Website
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Who are we?
GoEcuador.com is a tourism marketing agency on the Internet. We have developed a portfolio of solutions with only one objective-- to attract more tourists to the web sites of our advertisers.

GoEcuador.com's mission is to continually bring more tourists to the Web sites of our clients.

How can we bring more tourists to your web page?
To bring more tourists to your web page, GoEcuador.com uses a vast and trustworthy network of information on the tendency of online tourism and efficient administration and control systems of announcements to design marketing strategies, publicity campaigns in specialized media and search engines.

What advantages do I get with advertising campaigns within Goecuador.com Travel Network?

  • Goecuador Ads System can register how many visitors look at your announcements and how many clicks by country of origin.
  • Networks of media that generate cross traffic and magnify the intensity and exposition of your campaigns and announcements.
  • Maximum visibility of your campaigns thanks to the use of formats with an area of high visibility, following the standards and recommendations of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the only world authority for the management of Interactive publicity.
  • A scope of audience of more than 50,000 potential travelers to Ecuador

GoEcuador Marketing Solutions

  • Banner & Text Ads, Design of campaigns within our media network according to the geographical origin of the target that wants to arrive there through text and banner formats with high visibility from 15 cents on the dollar per day.

  • Research markets® Do you want to place your mark on the mind of the potential traveler from the moment that he thinks about vacation? Research Market is an counseling service that designs online publicity programs that are precise and measurable and that place your mark in the front of the mind of the potential traveler and generate reservation requests.

  • Easy and High Yield Web Permanent courses for maintenance and updating of websites open for companies in the tourist industry.

  • Development of websites with a focus on the self-administration of each company.

Prices & Discount Policies
Conscious of the high yield that the Internet generates for your company, we have designed policies for prices and discounts with one objective-- GUARANTEE THE BEST POSSIBLE EXPOSURE TO THE TOURIST'S EYES AT THE LOWEST PRICE PER ANNOUNCEMENT.

For more information and prices for publicity and services, contact:
info@goecuador.com or visit us:
Ave. Amazonas 2817 and Alemania
Skorpios Building, office 303
Tel: (02) 2 451392
Fax: (02) 2 442 987


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