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About GoEcuador.com

GoEcuador.com SA is an Ecuadorian company based on the web dedicated to providing up-to-date tourism information for Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. In addition, we provide comprehensive internet marketing solutions for tourism oriented businesses.

Through our work we hope to promote sustainable eco-tourism, environmental conservation, cultural preservation and social justice in Ecuador as we help our clients grow their business.


GoEcuador.com began in the year 1999 through the initiative of Dr. Luis Yerovi Jr., an Ecuadorian doctor residing in the USA. After a severe hip injury ended his amateur soccer playing career, Dr. Yerovi embarked on a new adventure--learning about the internet and web design. What began as an effort to help his family promote Hosteria/Hacienda San Luis in Tupigachi, evolved into a website promoting all aspects of Ecuador.

Despite global challenges, GoEcuador.com has grown steadily since its inception thanks to the help of talented and enthusiastic Ecuadorian partners and employees. GoEcuador.com now enjoys a dedicated audience for its content and a highly regarded level of market penetration for Ecuadorian tourism marketing.

The Mission of GoEcuador.com
To provide our vistors with up-to-date and complete information on tourism opportunities in Ecuador.

To use fun, attractive, timely and informative internet marketing to attract more visitors to Ecuador and to the web sites of our clients.

General Objectives
GoEcuador.com is a comprehensive Ecuador travel site that enjoys close relationships with the best tour operators in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. GoEcuador.com provides Internet marketing advice to some of the most prestigious haciendas, resorts and tour operators in Ecuador. For potential clients, if you want to draw the largest number of visitors to your Web page, contact us. For visitor to GoEcuador.com, within our pages you will find the materials you need to make your visit to Ecuador a resounding success.

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