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Ecuador Cloud Forest Adventures
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What is a cloud forest?
Cloud forest conservation
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Ecuador's cloud forests are part of a rare and unique ecosystem found only in the tropics at elevations above 1000 meters. Cloud forests profoundly impact life within their borders, in their region and around the planet. Many of the remaining cloud forests in the world, as well as the species that live within them or draw nourishment from them, are in danger of extinction.

What is a Cloud Forest?

* A cloud forest is a specific type of tropical rainforest found only in mountainous areas
* Temperatures are much cooler than in surrounding tropical forests found at lower altitude.
* The forest is immersed in clouds most of the time, with water being deposited directly from the clouds onto leaves and other vegetation
* Cloud forests are unique ecosystems that occur only in specific tropical mountain areas. The distinctive weather conditions make them suitable for thousands of plants and animals that can be found nowhere else on Earth.

Cloud Forest Conservation

* Land conservation protects the forests
* Reforestation efforts help restore damaged ecosystems and set a platform for the future
* Biological corridors connect important ecosystems
* Scientific research continues to reveal important mechanisms for conservation
* Environmental education efforts (such as this website!) are an important way to generate support for cloud forest conservation

What to do in the Cloud Forest

* Birdwatching. Ecuador's cloud forest is world famous for the number of species of birds found within its ecosystem
* Hikes through nature trails and on canopy trails
* Visits to pristine waterfalls and rivers
* Immersion and relaxation in nature

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