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Ecuador Bird watching
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Ecuador possesses more bird species per area than any other Latin American country. Eighteen percent of the total number of bird species in the world are awaiting your visit. Ecuador has the greatest diversity of hummingbird species (also known as quindes) in the world. These small specimens will captivate the attention of bird lovers. The condor, the country's national bird, still flies over Ecuador's Andes mountains. Grab your binoculars and enjoy the magic of the fauna of Ecuador!

What is birding or bird watching?
Birding involves the act of observing bird species in their natural and wild state, without disturbing the ecosystem.

Within continental Ecuador, there are more than 1800 species of birds and a very special group of 30 species on the Galapagos, which makes us the fourth country in the world for bird diversity. This statistic keeps growing due to the unexplored places that gives us new discoveries every day.

Approximately 84% of the birds are residents and the rest are migratory birds. The number of endemic species on the mainland is 14. Unfortunately, in spite of this great diversity and uniqueness, many species are in danger of extinction.

Ecuador's representative species
Hummingbirds: Ecuador has 131 species of hummingbirds making us the country with the greatest diversity of hummingbirds in the world. Their beauty and peculiar way of flying makes them admired by scientists and photographers looking for exclusive and difficult shots of these animals. The smallest can measure less than five centimeters long.

Andean condor: The largest bird of the Ecuadorian highlands. For decades, hunting and destruction of their habitat has caused this animal to be in danger of extinction. As a scavenger, this species is essential to the natural processes of the ecosystems where it's found.

Harpy eagle: This is the largest raptor in South America. It is found at the top of the food chain in tropical forests that are in a good state of conservation. Due to the deterioration of its natural habitat, the harpy eagle is on the list of endangered species.

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