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Sustainable Tourism in Ecuador
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Discover the richness of our people, their faces and facets, through tours that will also show you the beauty of the Ecuadorian scenery. Live a day with our communities, their customs and their peculiarities and live the pluri-culturalness of Ecuador!

Trips generally consist of spending a few days with one of the indigenous communities of the country. Ideally, you become just one more member of the community.

We remind you that the customs that you will experience are different than those that you have in your country, it is essential to respect and tolerate them. They maintain their old ways that in spite of the passing of time have remained and therefore they may seem completely contrary to the way you live your daily life.

Do not offend your hosts doubting or criticizing their way of life, remember that for them, you are strange too.

Also take into account that this type of tourism is based on the use of ecological products and therefore do not expect luxurious accommodations or electronic facilities. Relax and enjoy a natural way of life.

To make your visit the most comfortable, we recommend:
Always take your passport but carry it in a secure place
Comfortable shoes or tennis shoes for walking
Warm or lightweight clothing, depending on the region that you visit
Rain ponchos in the months of winter
Hat or cap
Plastic water bottle
Sun screen and sun glasses
Impermeable backpack
Photographic cameras with high and low speed film
Cash or travelers checks

There are hundreds of foundations and organizations that work with sustainable tourism projects in Ecuador, involving ecological as well as social activities. Below are some of the sites for sustainable/rural tourism:

Capirona in Napo Province:
This is an ecotourism program independently run and controlled by an indigenous community.

Río Blanco:
This community is one of the various Quichua communities in the Napo province. They have developed ecotourism projects with their inhabitants. RINCANCIE is a network created to coordinate their activities.

Right on the ocean and constructed of bamboo in the province of Manabi. It offers enchanting beaches, comfort, food, gardens, and a tropical organic garden nearby. From there you can explore the beach of Los Frailes in Machalilla or the "Isla de la Plata" where many species of birds from the Galapagos Islands can be found.

The beauty of Otavalo is in its people who maintain their historical customs of making their handicrafts of great quality and color.

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