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Climate in Ecuador
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Semi-humid Mesothermic Climate
Another climate in Ecuador is the semi-humid mesothermic. The annual rainfall is from 500 to 2,000 mm and has two rainy seasons that range between February-May and October-November. It is the climate that is most often found in the valleys of the Andes, except in the warmer valleys like Guayllabamba and those that are higher than 3,200 m in altitude. The average temperature varies between 18 and 0 C. The original vegetation in this region has been altered since the arrival of the Spaniards due to the fact that it is the sector where most of the cities are located today.

Dry mesothermic Climate
The dry mesothermic climate is found at the bottom of the valleys found between the Andes. The temperatures and vegetation are the same as the previous climate. The rainfall is less than 500 mm annually.

Alpine tundra Climate or páramo
The next climate is called paramo and is found at the higher altitudes in the mountains. The annual temperature is from 4 to 8.0 C. The vegetation consists of grasses and highland shrubs. Annual precipitation is between 800 and 2,000 mm and falls lightly but long.

Wet tropical Climate
The wet tropical climate has high annual precipitations that surpass 3,000 mm and can reach 6,000 mm in some places. The temperature is around 25 0 C which is maintained almost throughout the whole year. The vegetation is always green because the large amount of annual precipitation provides for the growth of tropical rainforest with the exuberant characteristics of the Amazon and the eastern part of the province of Esmeraldas.

Equatorial Climate
The ninth climate is that of the Galapagos Islands which is an equatorial climate that varies depending on the altitude. In the lowlands of the islands, the temperature is around 23 0 C and rainfall is more or less 1,500 mm annually. Through the different altitudes of the islands, the precipitation varies greatly, characterizing Galapagos for its irregular annual precipitations.

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