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Ecology & Nature
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Fauna in Ecuador II

The vast majority of the animal species in Ecuador are found in the Amazon rainforest.


Here we can find howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, tamarins, wooly monkeys, spider monkeys, titi monkeys and other primates. The world's largest rodent, the capibara, is found in the Amazon. There is an abundance of bird species like harpy eagles, woodpeckers, hawks, macaws, jacamars, parrots, guans, parakeets, doves, trogons, toucans, hummingbirds, etc.

Amongst reptiles we have, in the turtle family, charapas and matamatas. In the snake family there are boas, anacondas and different vipers. Amphibians like tree frogs, poison arrow frogs and slimy toads abound. Fresh water fish include the catfish, corydoras, plecostomas, electric eels, stingrays, freshwater dolphin and the paiche among others.

In the cloud forests we have armadillos, pacas, agoutis, spectacled bear, primates, pumas, peccaries, tapirs, ocelots, hummingbirds, cock of the rock, guans, tinamus, doves, trogons and many more.

On the Galápagos Islands there is a wide variety of endemic fauna, especially marine animals like whales, dolphins, seals and sharks; many species of reptiles including the iguanas and giant tortoises. There is also a large number of birds: albatross, cormorants, flamingos, frigates, hawks, gulls, owls, pigeons, pelicans, penguins, finches and terns. The biggest danger to the fauna on the islands are introduced species such as rats and goats.

Ecuador NGOs
To find out who are the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working in Ecuador for environmental conservation, please visit:
NGOs working for environmental development

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