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National Parks and Reserves in Ecuador
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Llanganates National Park
The area of the park is 219,707 ha that ranges between 1,200 to 4,751 m. The floor of the Llanganates fulfills an important function in regulating the emission of water towards the Amazon. The region contains a high level of endemism and houses one of the biggest quantities of animals. The fauna of the area is very special because this region is different from the other Andean zones for formation not due to volcanoes.
The Llanganates National Park is singularly beautiful for its nature and its history. From the time of the arrival of the Spaniards, the legend has arisen that the treasure of Atahualpa (El Dorado) was hidden within this area by Rumiñahui. Since recorded history, adventurers in search of the treasure have ventured into the park in spite of its difficult terrain.

Sangay National Park
Settled in three provinces: Tungurahua, Chimborazo and Morona Santiago. It covers 271,925 hectares divided into two zones like the Podocarpus Park, the low zone from 900 up to 1,500 meters and the high zone from 1,500 to 5,230 meters.
The park takes its name from the main volcano in the area, the Sangay volcano, a beautiful mountain that is constantly active. Within the park you can find condors, agoutis, tapirs, monkeys, shrews, bears, peccaries and deer.
This park was declared by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage of Humanity in 1983. Within the crater of the Altar volcano is the Amarilla lake, of special beauty. Its two active volcanoes constantly modify the park, Tungurahua is found in the middle of a constant eruptive process but at the least causes you to admire with fear and marvel at the power of nature.

Chimborazo Forest Park
This park is located in three provinces, Chimborazo, Bolívar and Tungurahua. Its surface area covers 58,560 ha and ranges from 3,800 to 12,460 m. The two mountains that dominate the area are Carihuairazo and Chimborazo. These two mountains give birth to the rivers of Chimbo, Chambo and Ambato that later form the Pastaza river.
The ecosystem of the Park is mainly constituted by paramo where wild rosemary, mortino, chuquiraguas, sigses, quishuares, pumamaquis and piquiles grow. You can also find deer and they are trying to reintroduce the species of "camelidos" from the Mountains.

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