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National Parks and Reserves in Ecuador
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Cuyabeno Faunistic Reserve
Located in the provinces of Sucumbios and Napo, it has a total area of 603,380 ha. Within the reserve live various indigenous communities like the Shuar. Within the reserve we find a great variety of species including 500 species of birds. However, a large quantity of animals of one species cannot be found which converts it to a reserve in an area for production of fauna.
The Cuyabeno river with its tributaries create flooded zones that guarantee a variety of ecosystems. Cuyabeno has increased considerably in eco-tourism, favoring the indigenous communities in the region. The extensive network of lakes in the Cuyabeno reserve extends all the way to Peru and add up to a total of almost 10,000 ha.
Here you can find pink dolphins and occasionally, manatees. There are also caimans and birds like the harpy eagle and others. The main river that the Cuyabeno flows into is the Aguarico, a river that is navigable all year long. The water in the area is almost always black from the sedimentation brought from the Andes and the material that decays on the bottom of the lakes and rivers.

Limoncocha Biological Reserve
This reserve is located next to the Napo River that passes through the province of Sucumbios. It extends across an area of 4,613 m with an altitude of 230 m. This reserve is very important for its richness in resources of scientific interest. The lake of Limoncocha gives the name to the biological reserve that contains primary and secondary forests and wetlands.
Living within this reserve are some Shuar and Quichua communities. Within its 12 sq. km have been found 347 species of birds. The area is considered one of the most diverse especially for the variety of birds. Also, because of its flooded areas, it is possible that the black and white caiman exist.

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