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When to travel to Ecuador
There is no best time to travel to Ecuador as the climate is excellent year round. You should be aware, however, that during the high season, which extends from December to January and from June to August, the prices of some hotels and cruises tend to be higher.

Climate in Galapagos
The busiest months in Galapagos are June to August and December and during holidays like carnival and Easter (March or April). You can see abundant wildlife throughout the year without any problem with the exception of the albatross that migrates in the middle of December and doesn't fly back to the islands until the month of March.

The climate on the Islands varies from humid (from January to June) to dry (from June to December). The warmest month is February when water temperatures vary between 23 C and 24 C. From May to July, the water temperature goes down to 18C making snorkeling a bit nippy but still fun.

Climate on the Coast

The Ecuadorian coast has a similar climate, warm and humid between the months of January and May and cool for the rest of the year. The beaches are full during the months of January to April because of school vacations on the coast. July and August are cool months for visiting the beaches but it is the best time for whale watching.

Climate in the Sierra (mountains)

The climate in the mountains is variable and can reach temperatures up to 25 C in the middle of the day and then go down as low as 7 C at night. You can never predict if the day will remain sunny because mother nature can give you a surprise like heavy rain in the middle of the afternoon. The summer months June through August though tend to be drier.

Climate in the Amazon
In the Ecuadorian jungle, the climate is tropical. You should be very careful with the mosquitoes that are plentiful. Long sleeve shirts and insect repellant are a must. The approximate temperature is 26 C. Frequent rains, humidity and heat are characteristic of the jungle.
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