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For traveling in Ecuador, you basically need little luggage. It all depends on the area where you are going to travel and the activities that you are going to participate in. The most important thing is to think about comfort, shoes and clothing that allow movement with security and comfort.

Ecuador has unbeatable scenery so don't forget your camera and video equipment. But remember to first verify that you can obtain the appropriate technology for your equipment in Ecuador. If not, make sure you bring enough photographic rolls and cassettes.

If you take specific medication, find out the generic name of it because you may not be able to find the same brand name in Ecuador, or bring enough to last you through your stay.

For the Galapagos and the Coast you need:
lightweight clothing for warm climates
sun screen, sun hat and sun glasses
sandals, tennis shoes
bathing suit, snorkel and mask (can be rented in Quito or Puerto Ayora)
windbreaker, light weight jacket for cold nights
underwater camera and sea-sickness pills
insect repellent and malaria medicine

For the Mountains you should take:
warm coat that dries quickly (synthetic materials or wool work but avoid cotton, above all if you use it directly against the skin)
You will need all terrain shoes or boots (that dry quickly or water proof)

For the Sierra (highlands or alpine tundra)
warm clothing for paramo lands
t-shirts for sunny days
warm coat
comfortable shoes

If you travel to the Oriente (jungle) or Cloud Forest (Mindo) you will need:
light weight clothing and clothing for warm and humid climates (at least one long sleeved shirt, one pair of pants (no jeans), rain jacket or poncho, bandana, one pair of clean socks per day, sandals)
rubber boots (essential because hiking boots do not work on the muddy trails of the Amazon). Most hotels will provide you with boots or you can buy them in any town for about $5.
mosquito net (most hotels will have these)
insect repellent
medication for people that are allergic to insect bites and stings
water purifying tablets
oral re-hydration packets
binoculars (absolutely essential in the jungle)
plastic bags to keep your clothing dry and for things that shouldn't get wet

Travel Guides About Ecuador
Lonely Planet
Author: Rob Rachowiecki and Danny Palmerlee
Price: $17.02
Available In: www.librimundi.com / www.amazon.com
Synopsis: With a decent presentation, the Lonely Planet is a complete guide that will give you a general view of Ecuador regarding climate, tourist attractions, important cities, history and more. In regards to maps, you will never get lost! If you want to see the country through adventure trails, this guide is for you.

Rough Guide
Author: Harry Ades and Melissa Graham
Price: $23.82
Available In: www.librimundi.com / www.amazon.com
Synopsis: A guide that will help you get around the Ecuadorian jungle without any difficulty. A preoccupation about travel guides: make sure you get the most up to date.

Author: Daisy Kunstaetter and Robert Kunstaetter
Price: $16.67
Available at: www.amazon.com
Synopsis: A guide for adventure ecotourism, the traveler that is willing to enjoy the country will choose this guide. Practicality and veracity are characteristic of this book.


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