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Galapagos Islands
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Getting around the Islands
Most people that visit the Galapagos Islands have programmed tours on boats that take care of all of the transport. However, you can travel independently but it is difficult to really get to know the islands if you travel alone.

Within the Islands of Isabela, Santa Cruz and San Cristobal, you can get around by bus and on the last two islands, by taxi or car. On the Islands of Santa Maria, Isabela, Santa Cruz and San Cristobal, there are boats that circulate and can be independently contracted. Below we describe how to get from the international airport to the city of Puerto Ayora to find lodging and food.

By land - sea
From the Airport on Baltra, if you are traveling on your own, take a public bus with the sign of "Muelle" (Dock). This will take you to the port in 10 minutes from where you can take a ferry to Santa Cruz Island. The crossing will take only 10 minutes. From there you can take a bus to Puerto Ayora (45 minutes). During the trip you can see the mountains that are found in the interior of Santa Cruz and the bizzare vegetation. The ferry that goes to Santa Cruz and the bus to Puerto Ayora are synchronized so that the traveler doesn't lose time waiting. The transport in general (bus/ ferry / bus) costs $2.50 and you can buy a ticket at the office that is found near the airport. This trip is always crammed with people.

By air
The airline EMETEBE (Puerto Ayora: 062 526 177 - San Cristóbal: 062 520 036 - Puerto Villamil: 062 529 155 - Guayaquil: 042 292 492) travels around the Islands with 5 passengers. It offers from two to three flights during the week between the island of Baltra and Isabela, between Baltra and San Cristobal, and between San Cristobal and Puerto Villamil. The one-way trip costs $120.00 and you are only allowed 13 kg in luggage weight per person.
Remember that when you get to the airport, you have to pay $100.00 in cash which is the entrance tax for the National Park. You cannot leave the airport without paying this amount.

By boat
Ingala (Puerto Ayora: 062 526 151, 062 526 199) operates ferries that travel from Santa Cruz to San Cristobal three times a week; from Santa Cruz to Isabela two times a month; and once a month from Isabela to Floreana. The office for tourist information, CAPTUR, in Puerto Ayora can give you information about the exact days that the Ingala II sails, departure days change constantly. The cost of the ticket is $50.00 and you buy it the same day of departure. For greater security, ask the port captain about times and destinations of the Ingala II.
There are also other boats that now offer day trips to nearby islands from Puerto Ayora. Check at your hotel or at any of the travel agencies. One island worth visiting is Plaza Sur which is a 90 minute boat ride away.

Where to Stay
Galapagos Hotels and Ecolodges

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