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Galapagos Islands
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Puerto Ayora
This city is found on Santa Cruz Island. It has a population of 12,000 people. In Puerto Ayora there are sufficient commodities for tourists like first class restaurants, four star hotels, exquisite gift shops, telephone offices, travel agencies, postal agencies and others. One hour to the north of Puerto Ayora--going across Santa Cruz island--is the airport on Baltra Island.
The Baltra Airport was constructed by the United States during the Second World War for supplies during the battle in the Pacific Ocean against Japan. This is an ideal place for scuba diving.

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
This small city located on San Cristobal Island is the capital of Galapagos. Smaller than Puerto Ayora, the city boasts a population of 5,400 people among whom the majority are fishermen. This city has an international airport. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is an excellent place if you want to have a peaceful time exploring the surroundings.

Among its attractions is the "Cerro de la Tijeretas" where you can snorkel. To the west is the Cabo de Horno Beach or the "Beach of Love" from its mangrove trees that provide a peaceful environment and calm surroundings. Near the Cabo de Horno Beach is Punta Carola where there is great surfing. There are also beautiful beaches like La Loberia inhabited mainly by the sea lions and iguanas; there are also the beaches of El Progreso, El Junco Lagoon and Puerto Chino.

Puerto Velasco Ibarra
Inhabited by nearly 70 people, this port is located on the Santa Maria Island also called Floreana or Charles. This small town does not have many tourist attractions except for an eccentric and curious history of the founders of the port. Naturally, as in almost all of the Galapagos, it has beautiful natural sites like a black sand beach with a vast colony of sea lions and a lake with flamingos. At this port this is a hotel that receives tourists that love tranquility. To come and go from the island, there is a ferry every month; there is also a place to fix boats that go from Santa Cruz Island to Puerto Velasco Ibarra.

Puerto Villamil
This port is on Isabela Island, the largest of all of the islands. Around 1200 people live in Villamil, of which some work as guides for tourists. The most important attraction is the Santo Tomas Volcano (1490 meters) also known as the Sierra Negra Volcano, from where you can have a spectacular view of the islands and the Pacific Ocean. The beaches are also very calm like Urbina Bay to the west of the island and Punta Moreno that is decorated by petrified volcanic lava.

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